Learn About Drip Irrigation

Online training about the fundamentals of drip irrigation - from water source to set-up!

What will you learn?

1. THE BASICS - Understand the things to consider and plan before installing a drip irrigation system.

2. WATER SOURCING & STORAGE - Learn about different water sources, proper testing, borehole set-up and storage.

3. IRRIGATION SET-UP & CONTROL - Understand the proper set-up of an irrigation system, various control points and the layout/spacing of driplines.

4. LAYOUTS & ECONOMICS - Learn the various layouts depending on your farm size, the expected starting costs and when you can expect a payback.

This course is a MUST ATTEND if...

👉 You are considering installing drip irrigation on your farm but want to understand the fundamentals first.

👉 A professional is about to install a drip irrigation system on your farm and you want a complete understanding.

👉 You recently had a drip irrigation system installed and you want to learn how everything works.

Learn everything you need to know to become THE BEST!

Course Includes:

✔️ LIFETIME ACCESS to 3-4 hours of practical training videos with agriculture experts.

✔️A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION if you pass the final test.

✔️ ACCESS TO EXPERTS to help answer your questions.


Student Testimonials

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"Highly enlightening/educative and very convenient. I would recommend to all farmers and "would be" farmers that need to keep up with best practices."



"This course is a solution to climate challenges and sustainable farming for optimal yield. This course is my entry point to real farming."



"The material was very interesting and the discussions were truly inspiring. I particularly enjoyed the visual illustrations, which made the content easily understandable."

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At the end of this course, you will understand the basics of Drip Irrigation and will be ready to grow and improve your farm!

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